Blog: Liking and Sharing on Facebook

Liking and Sharing on Facebook
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Instructions on how to Like and Share content on Facebook.

Tutorial: Facebook – How to invite your friends to like something you like.

Written by John Krumrine

Step 1 - Log into your Facebook account (if needed) using the login box in the upper-right corner of Facebook's homepage. Enter your email address and password, then click, “Log In.”


NOTE: If you would like Facebook to log you in automatically in a return visit, click the, “Keep me logged in,” box before clicking, “Log In.”

 Step 2 - When you find a page, post, image, etc. that you enjoy, you can click the, “Like,” button. Facebook will automatically post on your page that you liked something, and inform the owner of that content that you like it.


 Step 3 - To invite your friends to also like the content, simply find the, “Share,” link.


For pages (usually for TV Shows, Movies, etc.), the link is located in the lower left of the sidebar.


For individual posts, the link is located right underneath the text.


For pictures, the link is located under the original poster's description of the picture.

After clicking the link, you will be presented with this box.


 Step 4 - Select where you want to share the content, write a few words about it, then click the, “Share 'NAME',” button, where the NAME will say what kind of content you are sharing.


On your own Wall – The share will post to your personal wall.

On a friend's Wall – The share will post to friend(s) wall of your choosing.

In a group – The share will post on the wall of a group you are part of.

On your Page – The share will post to a page you created. (Like a celebrity or organization page.)

In a private Message – The share will be sent in a message to friend(s) you choose.

After you share, it will be up to your friends to then click, “Like,” if they want to.

Congratulations! You're done!