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All KS employees have basic knowledge of all of our services, but here are some of their specialties.

Kathryn Kathryn Pope
Sales, Billing, Programming, Advertising, Marketing
Masters Degree in Computer Science, 
ASU, May 2007 
Professor of Computer Information Systems 2007-2009
Professor of Computer Science 2009-2010 
Shawn Shawn Windle
Programming, Database Administration
Masters Degree in Computer Science,  
ASU, 2010 
Thomas Thomas Holden
Graphic Design, Flash, Web Scripting
Bachelors Degree in Graphic Arts and Imaging Technologies,
ASU, 2010 
Emma Emma Mazur
Graphic Design, Logo Design, Promotional Materials
Bachelors Degree in Communications, Journalism
Minor in Graphic Arts and Imaging Technologies
ASU, December 2010
john John Krumrine
Customer Relations and Service, Data Entry, Technical Assistance
bennie Bennie Robinson
Technical Support / Graphic Design
Bachelors Graphic Design
UNC Greensboro, May 2011
  James E. Councill, Jr.
Marketing and Social Media Specialist
Bachelors Business Administration 
ASU, May 2007
  Kristina Winfree
Graphic Design
  Mary Anna Pendry
Summer Internship
Bachelors Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology
ASU, 2016



Monday - Friday:  9am - 5pm

Saturday:  Closed

Sunday:  Closed  


We are located at 159 Winklers Creek Road in Boone, North Carolina.


Our office can be reached at 828-355-5526.